Thomas Brown

Post-Secondary Education

Indiana University Bloomington
Master of Science

Teaching Experience


Environmental Quality Specialist: City of Austin, 1991-1995

Stormwater Monitoring and Nonpoint Source Pollution Analysis

Environmental Consulting: Environmental Training, 1998 - 2007

Environmental Training  variety of Consulting Companies for Industrial and Construction Clients across the United States

Vice President - Food! Food!, Inc., 1993-2023

A family run carryout in West Austin.

Austin Community College - Adjunct Professor, 2008 to present

Courses taught:

GEOL 1305 - Environmental Geology

GEOL 1301 - Natural Hazards

GEOL 1304 - Physical Geology

ENVR 1301 - Introduction to Environmental Science

GEOL 1404 - Historic Geology

ACC International Program: Assistant instructor - Tropical Biodiversity in Peru/Costa Rica


Professional Publications


T. Brown, W. Burd, J. Lewis, G. Chang P.E., Methods and Procedures in Stormwater Data Collection, in Stormwater NPDES Related Monitoring Needs, Urban Water Resource Research Council (UWRRC) Conference, Crested Butte, CO, 1994


               C. Garafolo, T. Brown,Case Study in Transparency: The Role of the Third-Party Consultant Environmental  Governance, in prep.

Published: May 21, 2024