Mary Cooke

Post-Secondary Education

University of Texas Austin
Doctor of Philosophy
Geological Sciences

Trinity University
Bachelor of Science

Teaching Experience

Adjunct Faculty:  Austin Community College, Dept. of Geology and Dept. of Environmental Science and Technology, 7/06-05/08; 08/15-present

Instructor for Environmental Geology (GEOL 1305), Physical Geology (GEOL 1403), Natural Hazards and Disasters (GEOL 1301), Introduction to Environmental Science (ENVR 1301), Environmental Science Lab (ENVR 1101), Issues in Environmental Science (ENVR 1302), and Academic Cooperative in Geological Research (GEOL 2389).

 Lecturer:  The University of Texas, Dept. of Geological Sciences, 9/05-12/08

Co-instructor for two sections of the large-enrollment course Introduction to Geology (GEO 303, 3.5 years) and co-instructor for the upper-division course Introduction to Field and Stratigraphic Methods (GEO 420K, 1 semester).  In addition to lecturing, other responsibilities include:  preparing exams and lab materials, organizing and leading students on field trips in central Texas, coordinating and preparing teaching assistants for lab instruction, and maintaining the course website, online class interface (Blackboard), and online grade records (eGradebook and Blackboard).         

 Resource Education Intern:  National Park Service, Summer 2007

Volunteer interpreter at Olympic National Park, Port Angeles, Washington.  Duties include:  presenting geology and natural history interpretive talks and walks for audiences of all ages, and staffing two of the park’s main visitor centers.

 Geologist-in-Park:  GSA and National Park Service, Summer 2004

Volunteer geologist and interpreter in Geological Society of America’s GeoCorps program at the Grand Canyon National Park, North Rim.  Duties include:  presenting geology lectures and interpretive talks and hikes for audiences of all ages, preparing interpretive display materials, working at the park’s visitor center, and training National Park Service staff on geology topics.

 Teaching Assistant:  The Univ. of Texas, Dept. of Geological Sciences, 9/99-6/04

Laboratory instructor for the following courses:  Introduction to Geology (GEO 303, 2 semesters), Physical Geology (GEO 401, 1 semester), and Sedimentary Rocks (5 semesters).  Also served as teaching assistant for Introductory Field Geology (5 summer inter-sessions).  Duties include:  preparing and grading laboratory assignments and exams and presenting lab lectures.  Served as head teaching assistant for the Sedimentary Rocks laboratory (Fall 2003).  Duties in addition to teaching labs include:  maintaining the course website and online grade records, revising the lab manual, and preparing other teaching assistants for lab.

 Research Assistant:  The Univ. of Texas, Dept. of Geological Sciences, 8/02-12/02

Conducted field and laboratory work on Quaternary central Texas soil erosion and isotopic records of environmental change. 

Professional Publications

Cooke, M. J., Stern, L. A., and Banner, J. L., Mack, L. E., 2007, Evidence for the silicate source of relict soils on the Edwards Plateau, central Texas, Quaternary Research, v. 67, p. 275-285.

Cooke, M. J., Stern, L. A., Banner, J. L., and Mack, L. E., 2005, The Origin of Relict, Thick Soils in Central Texas, Austin Geological Society Bulletin, v. 1.

Cooke, M. J., Stern, L. A., and Banner, J. L., Mack, L. E., Stafford, T. W., Jr., and Toomey, R. S. III, 2003, Precise timing and rate of massive late Quaternary soil denudation, Geology, v. 31, p. 853-856.

Gardner, T., Marshall, J., Merritts, D., Bee, B., Burgette, R., Burton, E., Cooke, J., Kehrwald, N., Protti, M., Fisher, D., Sak, P., 2001, Holocene forearc block rotation in response to seamount subduction, southeastern Península de Nicoya, Costa Rica, Geology, v. 29, p. 151-154.

Published: August 04, 2022