Karam Mossaad

Post-Secondary Education

George Washington University
Master of Science
Computer Science

Teaching Experience


1.   Adjunct Professor

            Austin Community College                                        2012- Current

2.   Principal

            Peace Academy Magnet School at Richardson, Texas2009- 2011

3.    Principal

            IACC Academy at Plano, Texas                                   2007-2008

5.   Principal

                 Huda Academy at Little Rock, Arkansas               2005- 2007

6.   Adjunct Professor

            Austin Community College                                           2003 – 2005/1990-1995

7.   Senior Lecturer

The University of Texas at Austin

Computer Science and ECE Departments                           2000 - 2003        

8.   Assistant Professor         

                 University of Arkansas at Little Rock

             Department of Computer Science                               1996- 2000

9.   Visiting Assistant Professor       

            Texas State University

           Departments of Computer Science and Mathematics   1990 – 1995


Teaching:   Computer Architecture, Digital Design Using VHDL & Verilog Hardware Description Languages, Microprocessor Design, Data Communication and Networking, Computer and Network Security. Electronics Circuits, C++, Assembly and Machine Languages, Automata Theory, Computer Applications, and Discrete Mathematics.

Professional Publications




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Published: August 19, 2023