CHEF-1301 Basic Food Preparation

Ryan Swank

Credit Spring 2024


CHEF-1301-005 (74342)
LEC W 9:00am - 10:40am HLC HLC2 1304

LAB W 10:50am - 1:20pm HLC HLC2 1304

Course Requirements

CHEF 1205 Sanitation and Safety* and IFWA 1317 Food Production and Planning*



Textbook / Materials:

  • Professional Chef, 9th Edition 
  • Author: Culinary Institution of America
  • Publisher: Wiley
  • ISBN: 9780470421352

Course Subjects


A study of the fundamental principles of food preparation and cookery to include Brigade System, cooking techniques, material handling, heat transfer, sanitation, safety, nutrition, and professionalism. In addition, study the composition of food and the chemical and biological changes that occur in storage and processing. Including preparation techniques and selection principles. Instructional program approval required.

Transferability of workforce courses varies. Students interested in transferring courses to another college should speak with their Area of Study (AoS) advisor, Department Chair, and/or Program Director.


This course provides a basic understanding of cooking techniques and their applications and allows the opportunity for the student to execute cooking techniques, food principles, and usage of commercial kitchen equipment. 


Student Learning Outcomes/Learning Objectives

Course Learning Objectives


Upon completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Determine the different positions and function of kitchen production.
  • Identify and properly operate equipment & common culinary hand tools
  • Demonstrate productive application of appropriate cooking skills
  • Identify various cooking techniques
  • Demonstrate safe work habits, identify safety hazards, and employ preventative safety measures
  • Maintain positive relations with others and cooperate through teamwork and group participation
  • Demonstrate appropriate work habits and attitudes and a willingness to compromise
  • Identify behaviors for establishing successful working relationships
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude, conversation skills, & personal hygiene
  • Prepare, clarify and utilize basic stocks, sauces, soups & thickeners
  • Identify & properly select grains, cereals, pastas & rice then cook dishes utilizing these
  • Utilize portion control, workflow, plating and garnishing principals


Course Outcomes 

Demonstrate skills in knife, tool and equipment handling, and operate equipment safely and correctly; demonstrate proficiency in dry and moist heat cooking methods; produce a variety of food products applying principles of food handling and preparation; implement professional standards in food production.


Teach the fundamental and basic concepts of culinary techniques and cookery .CHEF 1301 is a foundational course for achieving the Culinarian Certificate, the Certificate in Culinary Arts, and the Associates of Science in Culinary Arts. The basic cooking skills and kitchen knowledge are a prerequisite to advancing forward in the above Culinary Arts programs.  


  • Show proficiency in dry, moist, and combination heat cooking methods.
  • Implement professional standards in food preparation
  • General (Basic) culinary product knowledge
  • Demonstrate skill in knife, tool and equipment handling
  • Operate equipment safely and correctly
  • Apply principles of food handling and preparation
  • Production of food products
  • Setup, breakdown and prepare menu items in a commercial kitchen

Office Hours

W Th 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM 2.1317.03


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