BUSI-1301 Business Principles

Lorlie Braxton

Credit Spring 2024


BUSI-1301-007 (74279)

Course Requirements

Welcome to Biz Principles!  I believe you will learn a great deal about the business world and, hopefully, have a little fun along the way.

This is a difficult course if you fall behind.  DON'T FALL BEHIND!  I'll do all I can to help you get through this course and don't be surprised if you earn an A.  A lot of students do.  I hope you do as well.


1. Carefully read through the Syllabus in Blackboard.

2. Review the Course Calendar which is located in the same place as the Syllabus.  

3. Explore the rest of the course content in Blackboard.  Notice the PowerPoints and extra credit quizzes that you make re-take until you earn the full credit.  These are very good practice for the exams.  

4. Once you feel comfortable with what's in Blackboard, start the assigned reading and then study the PowerPoint presentations.  If you aren’t clear on something, contact me for help.  

5. After completing the above, then I suggest you complete the extra credit quiz and then once you feel really good about the material, you should be ready for the exam.

6. Keep on schedule per the calendar!!  Falling behind is VERY dangerous.

7. Please shoot me an email if you need help on a problem, or want to schedule a call with me or in person time. If urgent, text me.   I am available to help you successfully complete this course! 


Professor Braxton




  • UNDERSTANDING BUSINESS: THE CORE   3rd edition by Nickels, McHugh, McHugh
  • ISBN: 9781266131707
  • None of the online modules are required for this class.
  • Note- there are several ISBNs for this book depending on the online support materials that are included. The older editions of the book like Understanding Business the 11th Edition that will work, and the Core 1st and 2nd Editions as well.  The chapters don’t always correspond perfectly but if $$ is an issue, find a used one online at a great price and it will work. 

Understanding Business: The Core

Understanding Business: The Core


Course Subjects

Course Subjects

Chapter 1 Taking Risks and Making Profits Within The Dynamic Business Environment: 
Chapter 2 Understanding  Economics and How It Affects Business
Chapter 3 Doing Business  in Global Markets
Chapter 4 Demanding Ethical Behavior and Social Responsible Behavior
Chapter 5 How to Form a Business
Chapter 6 Entrepreneurship and Starting a Small Business
 Chapter 7 Management and Leadership
Chapter 8 Structuring  Organizations for Today's Challenges
Chapter 9 Production and Operations Management
Chapter 10 Motivating Employees 
Chapter 11 Human Resource Management: Finding and Keeping the Best Employees
Chapter 12 Dealing with Union Employee-Management Issues
Chapter 13 Marketing: Helping Buyers Buy 360
Chapter 14 Managing the Marketing Mix: Product Price, Place, and Promotion
Chapter 15 Understanding Financial Information and Accounting
Chapter 16 Financial Management
Chapter 17 Using  Securities Markets for  Financing and Investing Opportunities
Chapter 18 Money, Financial Institutions, and the Federal Reserve

Student Learning Outcomes/Learning Objectives

Introduction to the role of business in modern society. Includes overview of business operations, analysis of the specialized fields within the business organization, and development of a business vocabulary.  This course will serve as a strong foundation for those aspiring to further their business education or work in a professional business setting. 

Upon completion of this course with a 70% or above average, students will be able to:

  • Define key terms used in business in the following areas of business: financial, marketing, accounting, operations, and management issues involved with business decisions and innovations. (Quizzes/Exams)
  • Evaluate the commercial success of a major corporation using the key business concepts taught in this course. (Stock Project)
  • Discuss ethics and responsible business citizenship issues when making business decisions as well as forms of business ownership and successful marketing strategy plus Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Diversity, and Work From Home strategies. (Discussion Boards)
  • Identify key business concepts used in the modern business world. (Quizzes/Exams)

You will be able to measure and track your learning progress against these and all other learning objectives in this course by completing the extra credit practice quizzes in BB.  These quizzes are unlimited attempts, can be completed from any place you have access to BB, and are great preparation for the Exams.

This course will provide the student with information about business operations and business vocabulary and it will help direct the thinking of each student to the field of business best suited for her/his interest and talent. Subject matter includes an analysis of the specialized fields within the business organization. The course covers concepts of business, management functions, organizational considerations, and decision-making processes. This course is beneficial to business majors and non-business majors. There is no prerequisite. (If you are trying to make a decision as to the course you should take next, Principles of Management is a good choice for business majors.)


Office Hours

M T W Th 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM NRG or Zoom

NOTE I am available in-person at the Northridge campus building 2000 room 2149 or zoom.

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