MUEN-1124 Percussion Ensemble

Jordan Walsh

Credit Fall 2023


MUEN-1124-002 (72001)
LAB MW 4:30pm - 6:00pm HLC HLC2 1445

Course Requirements

Percussion ensemble is an auditioned course. Please get in touch with Dr. Walsh to introduce yourself and set up an audition time for admission/placement. This course requires fluency in reading sheet music and an understanding of the "big three" percussion instruments: snare drum, keyboards, and timpani.


Repertoire will be picked at the beginning of each semester and distributed at the first class meeting. Students are expected to provide their own sticks/mallets unless otherwise indicated (for example, bass drum and gong mallets). 

Course Subjects

This course focuses on two types of repertoire: historical music important to the development of percussion, and new music pushing the instrument forward. Each semester is a balance between these two focuses at the instructor's discretion.

Student Learning Outcomes/Learning Objectives

Students will leave with having elevated their chamber music performance abilities and with an increased level of musicianship.

Office Hours

F 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Highland Campus Music Dept (by appointment)

NOTE As an adjunct applied professor I'm rarely in one place for too long, please reach me by email to set up a meeting time and place. My (imaginary) door is always open!

Published: 08/05/2023 11:21:05