MUAP-2244 Percussion-Level 4

Jordan Walsh

Credit Fall 2023


MUAP-2244-002 (71984)
LEC F 12:00pm - 1:00pm HLC

Course Requirements

Course requirements are decided on a student by student basis, discussed during the first lesson.


Readings are taken from a number of percussion pedagogy books. Readings are decided on a student by student basis and are discussed at the first lesson.

Course Subjects

Students will engage with advanced percussion techniques and leave with a knowledge of instrumental practice needed to perform in today's environment.

Student Learning Outcomes/Learning Objectives

Students will leave percussion 3 with a much broader understanding of how to sustatin their own practice beyond their time in lessons.

Office Hours

F 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Highland Campus Music Dept (by appointment)

NOTE As an adjunct applied professor I'm rarely in one place for too long, please reach me by email to set up a meeting time and place. My (imaginary) door is always open!

Published: 08/05/2023 11:22:54